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Tips and Tricks #3 - Organize

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Here are some simple tips to getting organized that will help potential buyers fall in love with your home!

Did you know that an organized home tells buyers that yours is a home that has been taken care of? We're not saying that if you organize your closets you can let home maintenance slide but if you care enough to be organized, chances are you care enough to pay attention to other details. These subliminal messages are very important.

Here are some tips to creating organized spaces that won't only help you sell your home but may help you live a more peaceful life.

  • MAKE YOUR BED - This is our #1 tip. Always. Making your bed every day not only lets you be prepared for any last minute showings but it also can have a huge impact on your life! If you don't believe us, take it from a Navy Seal's Point of View.

  • ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSETS - This is one of our favorite tricks. If you're lucky enough to have a huge walk-in closet then closet organizer systems are a great way to go. Some can be expensive while others are more wallet friendly but for your regular run-of-the-mill closet just buying a box of identical hangers will do the trick! Even the most crowded closet looks beautiful with all of the items on the same style hanger. Here are our favorites. We like these because you can get the little rubber grippy things that help your slippery stuff not slip. You can get pants hangers too, in the same style. We did all of our closets over when we sold our last house and then donated all of our mismatched hangers to a local church thrift store. They were grateful for the donation and we were happy to pass them on.

  • MAKE THE MOST OF VERTICAL SPACE - There are a lot of really great products that help make the most of the space in closets, cupboards, medicine cabinets, etc. Some of our favorites are found in our kitchen cabinets. We were having a heck of a time with our spices until we found this. We use spices every day and were forever fumbling around and behind to find what we needed. Now they're all lined up like good little soldiers. Another great hack for kitchen cabinets is this simple wire rack that lets you keep a ton of dishes on the same shelf without having to take out a whole heavy pile to get to what's on the bottom.

  • BOOKS! BOOKS! AND MORE BOOKS! - Many of us have lots of books. The more organized our bookshelves are, the better they look and the easier it is to actually find what you're looking for. A bookshelf that has items other than books can make a beautiful statement and even act as a design element, thus enhancing how your home shows to potential buyers. Take a minute to look at this article on how to organize books. Warning, you can go down the rabbit hole here.

  • TAMING BATHROOM CLUTTER - The bathroom is a room buyers look at very closely. Most important tip is to make sure it's sparkly clean. If you have a dated bathroom a simple trick is to change the faucets from this to this. Of course it all depends on what the style of the house is but you can find a relatively inexpensive faucet that will give the bathroom a whole new look taking it from the 1980's into the 21st century. Same goes for the shower. As far as the medicine cabinet, under sink storage and linen closet, these are places buyers will look so make them look great with some of these tips:

  • Give your medicine cabinet an overhaul. Remove everything and give it a good scrub. Toss any expired meds (and remove any you don't want anyone to see), gather like items and contain in attractive vessels. For example, put tweezers, thermometer, nail clippers and cuticle scissors in a little pottery pitcher or antique juice glass. Organize other items by category and size.

  • Under cabinet storage can be like a jungle. Use clever products to wrangle personal items, cleaning products, bottles & jars, etc...

  • Linen closets are a great place to add an organizational touch. One trick we like is to store folded sheet sets in one of their pillow cases, like a neat little package. High sided baskets are great way to contain (and hide) unsightly stuff. Pro tip: Square sided baskets will fit next to each other and take up less space than ones with flared sides.

Hopefully these organizing tips and tricks have given you some ideas to start with. There are a million more and we really could go on and on but we will leave you with these in hopes that you are inspired to use some of them.

Happy organizing!

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