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Tips and Tricks #2 - Preparing the Inside of the House

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Now that the curb appeal is appealing, let's talk about what needs to happen inside to prepare for showings.


The first impression doesn't end outside. It ends as soon as a buyer walks through the door so make this count. If you have a mudroom, make sure it's clean and inviting.


  • Remove, pack or store extra items

  • Organize linens and group like items

  • Pack and store off season clothing


Remove up to half of books and items; pack and organize


BATHROOM Think: Hotel bathroom upon check in

  • Remove extra items from vanities and medicine cabinets

  • Remove personal items such as prescription drugs or anything you wouldn't want seen

  • Put away tooth brushes for showings

  • Buy new fluffy white hand towels which are used just for showings (they can be rolled in a basket for a spa look)

  • Add a new fabric shower curtain

  • Buy new pump soap or bar soap just for showings


  • Remove papers and magazines from tables

  • Remove extra furniture and arrange for openness

  • Remove unhealthy plants and replace with lush ones

  • Replace flat throw pillows and tattered throws with new ones

  • Pack and store collections

  • Pack and store children's toys (even if it's just for the showing)


  • Minimize where possible, bedrooms should be retreats and uncluttered

  • Add fluffy new bedding, Duvet covers are a great way to add depth to a bed

  • Add accent pillows and a throw to the bed

  • Make sure all laundry is put away

  • Depersonalize as much as possible


  • Remove extra items, pack and organize


  • Organize tools and gardening equipment

  • Sweep or vacuum floors and ceilings

  • Show dedicated space for car


  • Repeat above (you can omit the dedicated car space)

  • Wipe down furnace, water heater, washer & dryer

  • Sweep or vacuum cobwebs

Looking for help with any of these tasks? Check out our Business Directory for our list of local providers. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know and we will research and add it!

This information was taken directly from our "Guide to Getting Your Home Sold". If you'd like a Free copy use the Contact Us tab above and just ask! We'd be happy to send it.

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