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Tips and Tricks #1- Curb Appeal

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Springtime is always a great time to throw open the windows, freshen up the house and get some cleaning done. It's especially important when you're getting ready to sell. This series will be about getting your home ready to go on the market.


Mom always said: "You only have one chance to make a first impression" and she was right. A buyers first impression starts before they even step foot in the house. The first impression is the exterior so don't neglect this area. You can expect to have potential buyers driving by the house even on days when there are no showings scheduled so take care to keep the exterior picked up at all times. Even if you live down a long driveway you can expect that people will drive on down and peek at the house. It's weird, yes, and it may feel like an invasion of privacy but we'd be lying if we said it won't happen so make sure the yard is on its best behavior at all times. Here are some suggestions for sprucing up your curb appeal that won't cost an arm and a leg:

  • Paint your front door an inviting color that coordinates with the siding Here's a cool tool to help with colors

  • Replace the door handle if it's looking shabby

  • Add a new door mat. We love these rope mats

  • Replace exterior lighting if an update is in order. One of our favorite sites for items like this is

  • Add flowers and/or potted plants

  • Trim shrubs, weed and mulch gardens

  • If you have a porch or even a small stoop or landing add a cozy seating area if space allows, even a tiny cafe table with two chairs adds a nice touch. Here's a cute one that comes in 4 colors and won't break the bank

  • Remove all debris including discarded toys, the snow shovel (especially if it's springtime), sports equipment, you get the idea - all the stuff that accumulates over time.

  • Power wash and/or remove dirt and build up

  • Clean the windows, inside and out

  • Repair any obvious items like rotted door jambs, gutters/down spouts, deck boards and/or railings that need replacing

  • Scrape and touch up paint where needed. Did you know that some appraisals for certain mortgage loan products won't pass the muster if there is peeling paint? Best to get ahead of items like that so it doesn't delay a closing

  • Please clean up after Fido

Need help? We have a great list of local resources in our Business Directory!

Coming next: Tips and Tricks #2 - Preparing the Inside of the House

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