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Meet your real estate team...

Tommy and Alex Uhll are brokers at Camden Real Estate Company and are thrilled to provide top tier service for buyers, sellers, and investors in Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo counties.

In 2006, they embarked on a life-changing journey together, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of New York for the idyllic charm of Mid-coast Maine. With their children, Hannah and Jack, by their side (then 8 and 12 years old), they set out to build their dreams and immerse themselves in the beauty and warmth of this coastal paradise—a place where endless possibilities, breathtaking landscapes, and a deep sense of belonging awaited them.


Alex's childhood summers spent on Youngtown Road in Lincolnville planted the seeds of her love for Maine. It wasn't just the picturesque landscapes or the vibrant arts scene that captivated her; it was the sense of community, the endless possibilities for outdoor adventures, and the feeling of home that drew her back to this charming corner of the world. With a background in client services and sales, Alex seamlessly transitioned into real estate, bringing with her a keen eye for detail, a passion for building relationships, and a dedication to exceeding expectations.


Tommy's journey to Maine was equally serendipitous. Growing up on the east end of Long Island, he found echoes of his childhood memories in the rugged coastlines and rolling hills of Midcoast Maine. His years of experience in the construction industry, coupled with his service in the United States Marine Corps, instilled in him a deep sense of discipline, integrity, and teamwork—values that form the cornerstone of his approach to real estate. Whether he's guiding clients through the buying process or leveraging his expertise to maximize their property's potential, Tommy's commitment to excellence shines through in every interaction.

Together, Alex and Tommy form a powerhouse real estate team, blending their complementary skills, shared love for Maine, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. From their own experiences building and renovating homes to their active involvement in the local community, they understand the unique needs and aspirations of their clients and go above and beyond to turn their real estate dreams into reality.


When they're not busy helping clients navigate the real estate market, you can find Alex and Tommy exploring the scenic trails of Midcoast Maine, attending local art events, or simply enjoying quality time with their family and friends. With their warm demeanor, genuine passion for the region, and commitment to excellence, Alex and Tommy are your trusted allies in making your Maine real estate dreams come true.

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